Submit Your Music for Consideration as a CDM Artist

If you would like to be considered as a CDM artist and have a sample of your music, please fill out the following information and click the “Submit Sample” button. Everything from final recordings to rough demos are acceptable.

If your file is larger than 8MB, please mail a CD to:
Civil Defense Music
PO Box 1075
Santa Monica, CA 90406-1075

Please note: Mailed CDs will not be returned.

CDM reserves the right to refuse any submission.

Terms and Conditions:
As the rights holder of the submitted content, I am fully authorized to grant permissions to have the work considered to be distributed on a promotional basis by CDM, and I understand that prior to potential distribution, I will need to complete a signed permissions release. Music submissions are accepted only from musicians, artists or their management. We do not do business with record labels or distributors: we're all about paying musicians/artists directly. You hold all intellectual property rights in any song, image, video or other user content that you post or upload to this site. You have or have obtained all necessary assignments, licenses, releases and consents to grant the rights for your music upload to CDM. No samples or copyrighted cover songs: we cannot release any music that has copyrighted samples in it (please make all your own samples) or is from a copyrighted song someone else has written. Songs in the public domain (i.e.: classical) are fine.

You own your music: if you've been previously signed to a record label or distributor, or are currently signed to another record label or distributor, you may not be able to sign with CDM. Many recording contracts have exclusivity provisions in them, even if the record label goes under. You should consult a lawyer to see how your current recording contract limits your rights. Note that after signing with CDM, you will still own 100% of the copyright to your music: you are simply granting us a one or two year exclusive to license the song.

If we like your music, we will contact you. If you don't hear back from us, that means we didn't accept your music (sorry!).

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions outlined above. (required)
I am a member of a copyright/performing rights organization such as SOCAN (Canada); BMI (USA); ASCAP (USA); SESAC (USA); etc.

Please note: Once submitted, the file upload process may take a few minutes. You will receive a thank you message if your file is uploaded successfully. If your file is larger than 8MB, the form may time out; your file will not be submitted and you may not get an error message.